Ribosomal RNA depletion for Human-Mouse-Rat

The Human-Mouse-Rat riboPOOL is a single solution for ribodepletion in human, mouse and rat models. It efficienlty removes undesired cytoplasmic (28S, 18S, 5.8S, and 5S rRNA) and mitochondrial rRNA (mt16S and mt12S) from both intact and degraded samples.


Figure 1 Bioanalyzer profiles of human, mouse and rat total (gray) and rRNA-depleted (orange) RNA samples. For each species, 1 μg of total RNA was ribodepleted with the Human-Mouse-Rat riboPOOL.

List of available Human-mouse-rat riboPOOLs

Different Human-mouse-rat riboPOOLs depending on the application and type of input RNA:

riboPOOL Name Application Input
Human-Mouse-Rat riboPOOL RNA sequencing Total RNA (RIN > 7)
Human-Mouse-Rat degraded RNA riboPOOL RNA sequencing Total RNA (RIN < 7)
Human-Mouse-Rat Ribo-Seq riboPOOL Ribosome Profiling Isolated RPFs

Latest publications using Human-Mouse-Rat riboPOOLs

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RNF14-dependent atypical ubiquitylation promotes translation-coupled resolution of RNA-protein crosslinks

Zhao et al. (2023)  Molecular Cell

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