Human Blood riboPOOL

The Human Blood riboPOOL is designed to efficiently deplete ribosomal RNA (rRNA) and globin mRNA from human RNA samples. The product is compatible with most downstream applications, including different next generation sequencing workflows (both short and long-read sequencing).

The Human Blood riboPOOL is optimized for high-quality and intact (RIN > 7) RNA samples.


The Human Blood riboPOOL covers the following sequences:

Sequence Type Covered
28S rRNA Cytosolic Yes
18S  rRNA Cytosolic Yes
5.8S  rRNA Cytosolic Yes
5S rRNA Cytosolic Yes
12S  rRNA Mitochondrial Yes
16S  rRNA Mitochondrial Yes
HBA1 Human globin Yes
HBA2 Human globin Yes
HBB Human globin Yes


Human blood, a complex and vital bodily fluid, consists of plasma, red and white blood cells, and platelets. Blood analysis aids in diagnosing numerous health conditions and plays a pivotal role in medical treatments and transfusions.


  • Enzyme-free, fast & easy workflow
  • Compatible with most downstream applications
  • Wide range of input RNA amounts
  • Possibility of combining with other riboPOOLs
  • Compatible with lab automated workflows

Available Formats

riboPOOLs kits with cleanUP module

riboPOOL Probes Only