Human Globin mRNA riboPOOL

The Human Globin mRNA riboPOOL is designed to efficiently deplete highly abundant undesired globin mRNA from human blood RNA samples.

The product is compatible with most downstream applications, including different next generation sequencing workflows (both short and long-read sequencing).

The Human Globin mRNA riboPOOL is optimized for high-quality and intact (RIN > 7) blood RNA samples.

Interested in depleting both ribosomal RNA (rRNA) and globin mRNA from human total RNA samples? We offer the Human Blood riboPOOL for a single-step depletion.


The Human Globin mRNA riboPOOL covers the following sequences:

Sequence Type Covered
HBA1 Human globin Yes
HBA2 Human globin Yes
HBB Human globin Yes


Human globin, a crucial protein in red blood cells, functions in oxygen transportation throughout the body. Mutations in globin genes can lead to hemoglobinopathies, such as sickle cell disease or thalassemia, affecting the structure or function of hemoglobin.


  • Enzyme-free, fast & easy workflow
  • Compatible with most downstream applications
  • Wide range of input RNA amounts
  • Possibility of combining with other riboPOOLs
  • Compatible with lab automated workflows

Available Formats

riboPOOLs kits with cleanUP module

riboPOOL Probes Only