Which ribodepletion method works best?

Not sure what rRNA depletion strategy suits your experiment best? Follow the guidelines in the tables below.

What organism do you work with?

Taxon Poly-A Selection Ribodepletion
Bacteria No Yes
Archaea No Yes
Eukaryotes Yes Yes


What downstream application do you plan?

Application Poly-A Selection Ribodepletion
Short read sequencing Yes Yes
Long read sequencing Yes Yes
Direct RNA sequencing Yes Yes
Ribo-Seq No Yes


Is your RNA intact or degraded?

RNA Quality Poly-A Selection Ribodepletion
Intact (RIN > 8) Yes Yes
Partially degraded (6 < RIN < 8)  No Yes
Degraded (RIN < 6) No Yes


What sequences are you interested in?

RNA  Poly-A Selection Ribodepletion
Polyadenylated mRNAs Yes Yes
Long non-coding RNAs  No Yes
Non-polyadenylated mRNAs No Yes