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How does siFractor work?

How to Assemble the siFractor?

  1. To assemble the tube piercing unit, grab the needle socket and assemble the gasket on the luer adapter by twisting it.
  2. Then, carefully screw the needle onto the luer lock adapter. Next place the tube piercing unit into the sample tube support, then secure the bottom of the piercing unit by screwing on the drive nut.
  3. Followed by the needle socket nut and union M6.
  4. Place the piercing unit assembly on the siFractor's table.
  5. Screw the top union M6 onto the sample holder assembly and place it on the siFractor.
  6. Lastly, secure it by screwing the bottom portion of the sample holder.

How to Disassemble the siFractor?

  1. First disassemble the sample holder unit by unscrewing the bottom part, then remove the top part and unscrew the union M6.
  2. Next, twist the table knob to loosen the piercing unit assembly.
  3. Remove it from the siFractor and proceed to unscrew the different parts: the M6 union, the needle socket nut, the drive nut and lastly remove the tube piercing unit.
  4. Separate the different parts by unscrewing the needle, the luer lock adapter, the gasket and the needle socket.

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