Upcoming Events

We're delighted to anticipate meeting you in person at the upcoming events! For those preferring online or phone interactions, feel free to reach out to us at info@sitools.deJust describe your request, and we'll ensure the right expert is available for you.

Conference Location Dates
Mosbacher Kolloquim: The Microbiome - from Understanding to Modulation Mosbach, Germany March 21-23, 2024
18th Microsymposium on RNA Biology Vienna, Austria April 24-26, 2024
RiboRed Bilbao, Spain May 22-24, 2024
29th Annual Meeting of the RNA Society Edinburgh, Scotland May 28-June 2, 2024
The complex life of RNA Heidelberg, Germany Oct. 15-18, 2024


Past Events

4-7 Oct 2023
RNA Biochemistry & Workshop in Advanced RNA Sequencing
Bonn, Germany

15-18 May 2023
EMBO Workshop Non-coding RNA Medicine
Poznan, Poland

30-31 March 2023
Interact 2023 Science & Translation
Munich, Germany

23-25 March 2023
74th Mosbacher Kolloquium
Mosbach, Germany

05 October 2022
Biotech Career Opportunities
Munich, Germany

24-27 August 2022
Argonautes Conference
Regensburg, Germany

21-24 June 2022
Munich, Germany

04-05 May 2022
German Biotechnology Days
Hamburg, Germany

09-10 Dec 2021
Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Gen-Diagnostik e.V.
Bonn, Germany

19 Oct 2020
Aanalytica 2020
Munich, Germany

29 Jul 2020
Discovery Series: Virtual
Held Virtually

07 Nov 2019
NGS and Clinical Diagnostics Congress
Novotel, London

21 Oct 2019
Genomics and Proteomics Core Facility Tech Talk
DKFZ, Heidelberg Germany

27 Sep 2019
Annual Meeting of the AGD 2019
Potsdam, Germany

26 Sep 2019
British Atherosclerosis Society (BAS) Annual Meeting 2019
Oxford, UK