siRNA Off-target Effects - Causes, Extent & Impact

Learn about siRNA off-target effects. A reference-rich guide describing the mechanism by which siRNA off-targets are produced, the penetrance and extent of siRNA off-target effects, and the impact siRNA off-targets have on experimental research.

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Ways to Reduce siRNA Off-target Effects

Understand current established techniques to reduce siRNA off-target effects, including the siPOOL approach. From siRNA concentration, chemical modification and siRNA design, this is a detailed technical overview of each approach and their pros and cons. We also provide a non-bias assessment of the effectiveness of each approach using data-driven bioinformatic analysis.

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Efficient ribosomal RNA depletion across multiple species and input amounts in 70 min

By Bioanalyzer/rtqPCR assessment, we show riboPOOL-mediated rRNA depletion is efficient across a broad RNA input range (100 ng - 5 μg), when applied in combination and with a fast workflow time of 70 min.

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