Gene Silencing


  • Potent & specific RNAi Knockdown
  • 30 siRNAs in one siPOOL
  • Reliable phenotypes
siPOOLs are optimized pools of 30 selected siRNAs. The high complexity of siPOOLs minimizes off-target effects and guarantes a robust knockdown.

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Gene Expression


  • ribosomal RNA depletion for any species
  • Efficient, bias-free & cost-effective
  • For standard RNA-Seq & special applications
riboPOOLs are complex biotinylated probe sets for subtractive hybridization with magnetic beads. Designed for single and multiple species riboPOOLs economizing RNA-Seq for any organism.

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  • Simple & reproducible
  • Precise & semi-automated
  • For structural biology, exosome research and translatome studies
The siFractor is a game changer for the fractionation of centrifugated samples. The siFractor facilitates connection to most FPLC/HPLC and allows you to exploit the full set of advantages provided by these host systems.

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World-leading scientists publish with our products


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Supporting Data

What Customers Say

"We are a group at the LMU in Munich working with sponges and their microbiomes. We always had problems finding a good solution to economically perform rRNA depletion for these complex holobionts and sequence their metatranscriptomes. siTOOLs Biotech has designed and produced a Pan-Sponge riboPOOL for ribodepletion in sponges. Since we can combine different siTOOLs Biotech riboPOOLs, we can co-deplete sponge and bacterial rRNAs in one shot without losing any important transcriptomic information. This has opened new possibilities to study sponge holobionts in a more integrated manner."

Dr. Sergio Vargas
(Department für Geo- und Umweltwissenschaften, LMU Germany)

"We have tried Thermo RiboMinus Plant Kit and riboPOOL probe targeting Pan-plant to remove rRNA. It is necessary to perform two rounds of rRNA depletion with Thermo RiboMinusTM Plant Kit. Only one round is needed for riboPOOL probe."

Y. Long
(Institute of Plant and Food Science, School of Life Sciences, Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen, China)

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"In our group, siPOOLs by siTOOLs for specific and sustained gene knockdown are used for several years now. We have tested and worked with approx. 35-40 siPOOLs by now. siPOOLs are easy in handling, and mostly effective in transient specific gene knockdown experiments. We could not detect any side effects, and the available control (control siPOOL) has no side effects on function or gene expression that we can detect as compared to untransfected cells. As compared to other commercially available single siRNAs, siPOOLs are much more effective, therefore, we can use less amounts of siPOOLs, which is very cost-efficient. Moreover, xenograft tumor models demonstrated that specific gene knockdown is sustained, i.e. gene knockdown is longer as compared to single siRNAs. siPOOLs are easy in handling, we use Lipofectamine 2000 or RNAimax as described by the manufacturer. The client service offered by siTOOLs is excellent. We get advice and even hands-on support immediately whenever necessary."

Dr. med. Peter Dietrich, Post-doctoral Scientist
(Institute of Biochemistry Prof. Dr. Anja Katrin Bosserhoff Group FAU, Germany)

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High complexity POOLing - The Pack Hunter Approach

Why do we pool?

At siTOOLs we develop complex pools of selected oligos.

Oligo complexity guarantees robust and high efficacy by cooperative activity of multiple probes of one target.

The low concentration of each oligo dilutes undesired side effects and yields high reagent specificity.

siPOOLs are a set of 30 selected siRNAs with diverse seed sequences to minimize off-target effects and improve silencing robustness (Hannus et al., 2014).
Obtain reliable results with one single pool avoiding redunant experiments with multiple single siRNAs.
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riboPOOLs are highly complex sets of biotinylated probes. rRNA pulldown is strongly enhanced by multiple probes binding to each rRNA fragment.
Pan-riboPOOLs cover groups of species with proprietary combination of probes targeting conserved ribosomal regions.
rRNA depletion of strongly fragemented RNA samples is achieved by a probe set with maximum probe density.
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raPOOLs are custom designed complex probe sets to enrich RNAs of interest.
Probe complexity allows reliable pull down of native RNAs with their interacting partners.
For Capture-Seq requires affordable, highly complex probeset for multiple genes.
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Research Services


Custom siPOOL library design

Obtain libraries precisely the way you need
  • Design based on custom target list
  • library formating to customer plate layout
  • free choice of siPOOL concetration, plate type and aliquots

RNAi screening

Assay development and high content screening
  • siPOOL library of choice
  • Assay development & image-based screening
  • data analysis and hit validation

siPOOL validation

RT-PCR based knockdown quantification
  • single siPOOL or combination cell line from siTOOL collection or customer provided
  • quantification of downstream affected pathway

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Custom riboPOOL design

Depletion of any abundant RNA
  • for any sequenced species
  • rRNA, abundant mRNA, small RNAs
  • single species or multiple species

RNA-Seq service

RNA-Seq library preparation, sequencing and bioinformatics analysis
  • sequencing of any RNA sample
  • customized rRNA depletion
  • tailored bioinformatics analysis

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Analysis Suite to make sense of RNAi & CRISPR screening data
  • Discover novel drug targets
  • Hit list quality assessment
  • Gene target evaluation

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What Customers Say


"My group worked with siTOOLs to analyze several siRNA screening datasets. Using Phenovault we were able to extensively analyze on- and off-target effects and ultimately identify several interesting cancer targets and pathways. Considering the complexity of the siRNA activity, phenovault provide very valuable information enabling to fully capitalize on experimental data. I would definitively recommend Phenovault to all investigators involved with siRNA screening."

Jean Philippe Stephan, Director Center of Excellence Pharmacological Screening,
(Compound Management and Biobanking, Servier Research Institute, France)

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