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Prion protein conversion at two distinct cellular sites precedes fibrillisation Ribes et al. (2023) Nature Communications.

The function of ER-phagy receptors is regulated through phosphorylation-dependent ubiquitination pathways Berkane et al. (2023) Nature Communications

Genome-wide RNAi screen identifies novel players in human 60S subunit biogenesis including key enzymes of polyamine metabolism Dörner et al. (2022) Nucleic Acids Research

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Selective gene expression maintains human tRNA anticodon pools during differentiation Gao et al. (2024) Nature Cell Biology

Comparative Analysis of rRNA Removal Methods for RNA-Seq Differential Expression in Halophilic Archaea Pastor et al. (2022) Biomolecules

Comparison of rRNA depletion methods for efficient bacterial mRNA sequencing Wahl et al. (2022) Scientific Reports

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Newest ribosome profiling riboPOOLs

Our Ribo-Seq riboPOOLs are specifically designed to deplete rRNAs from Ribo-Seq samples and significanlty increase RPFs reads mapping rates. Check out our Ribo-Seq riboPOOLs portolio or request a custom design for your species of interest. 

Achieve consistent and optimal gene silencing in RNAi experiments

Read our German BIOspektrum article on how using complex pools of siRNAs (siPOOLs) can improve interpretability and efficiency.

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Enhance your Ribo-Seq results

Introducing the Human tRNA and Mouse tRNA riboPOOLs. Combine our Ribo-Seq riboPOOLs and tRNA riboPOOLs to deplete rRNAs from Ribo-Seq samples while simultaneously depleting tRNAs.

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"Drosophila melanogaster is an excellent tool to study the function of snoRNA in vivo as the genes coding for these non coding RNAs are not highly duplicated as in humans. As mature snoRNAs cannot be captured with a polyA pulldown, we had to opt for a ribodepletion solution in order to perform a whole transcriptome sequencing by TGIRT-seq. The ribodepletion kit from siTOOLs seemed as an evident solution. We  exchanged a lot with siTOOLs members to optimise the composition of the riboPOOL due to certain particularities of rRNA sequences in D. melanogaster. The members of the company were very responsive from the first minute and very keen to adapt the pools to provide a maximal ribodepletion. We reached a ribodepletion rate of 90 to 97% of rRNAs in our finally reads, we couldn’t hope for something better!"

Dr. Athena Sklias (Post-doctoral researcher, Center for Integrative Genomics, University of Lausanne, Switzerland). Publication: Sklias et al. (2024)Nucleic Acids Research; used the Drosophila melanogaster riboPOOL.

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"The innovative solution of siPOOLs with 30 single siRNAs per pool is our first choice for conducting gene candidate approaches where gene loss-of-function has to be studied for dozens of genes. This approach is highly cost-effective and labor-saving when compared to gene silencing with single siRNAs or small pools of randomly selected siRNAs."

Dr. Peter-Christian Klöhn (Principal Investigator, MRC Prion Unit at UCL, Institute of Prion Diseases, London, UK)

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