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siPOOL Cancer Toolbox
Launch of siPOOL Cancer Toolbox

siTOOLs is excited to announce a powerful new cancer research tool: 
siPOOL Cancer Toolbox 
Access siPOOLs in an affordable toolbox solution to reliably knockdown relevant cancer-associated genes. Choose 10 or more genes from our list of top 100 most highly published cancer genes and proceed to reliably silence them with siPOOLs. 
All siPOOLs pre-validated. Available from 1-10 nmol scales.
Further applications:
  • manipulate multiple cancer-associated pathways
  • combinatorial gene knockdown to evaluate functional interactions with known cancer players
  • create transient cancer models by disrupting tumour suppressor genes
  • explore synthetic lethal combinations
  • multiplex with drugs to validate drug target and affected pathway.
Please visit this link for more information.


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siTOOLs Biotech partners with Axon Lab to distribute products to Switzerland. Visit Axon Lab website.

siTOOLs Biotech partners with LabLife to distribute products to Nordic Countries. Visit LabLife website.

siTOOLs Biotech partners with Koma Biotech to distribute products to Korea. Visit Koma Biotech website.

siTOOLs Biotech partners with Bio Laboratories to distribute products to Singapore. Visit Biolabs website.

Dec 2015
Human kinome siPOOL library now available. Contact us for more details or to request for your customized siPOOL libraries.

Dec 2015
raPOOLs available for ordering. Go to Product – raPOOLs for more details or contact us to learn more.

Nov 2014
siTOOLs products available in Japan. Visit BizCom Japan website.

Jul 2014
siTOOLs Biotech won 2nd prize in the Netzwerk Nordbayern Business Plan Contest. Watch interview on YouTube with our CEO. Read more here.

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