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About siTOOLs Biotech

siTOOLs Biotech GmbH is a young, research-driven biotech company based in Munich/Martinsried, Planegg, Germany. Our molecular tools help scientists explore gene expression and function in cell culture and in vivo models:

  • siPOOLs  give potent and specific gene knock-down by RNAi.
  • riboPOOLs  depletes ribosomal RNA in RNA-seq and ribosome profiling samples.
  • siFractor  is a game changer for the fractionation of centrifugated samples
  • raPOOLs  are used to purify cellular RNAs for interaction studies.

We are launching a pipeline of new technical devices and research reagents in 2022 ranging from density gradient fractionation to advanced RNA sequencing library kits.

siTOOLs Biotech is rapidly growing in the field of functional genomics, Next-Generation RNA sequencing, and Ribosome Profiling. Our customers in international biomedical industry and academia demonstrate the quality of our products.

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