fractionation of centrifugated samples

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A game changer for any application involving the fractionation of centrifugated samples

Manual fractionation of samples contained in centrifugation tubes is laborious, and error-prone. Parameters such as light absorbance are typically monitored from the isolated fractions, thus limiting resolution. Hence, precise isolation of the molecules of interest from the centrifugation is hampered. Overcome these limitations with the siFractor.

Benefits of using the siFractor

Simple and reproducible
Precise & semi-automated
Fast & leak-free

Applications of the siFractor

Structural biology: Isolation of protein complexes and RNPs
Exosome research: Purification of extracellular vesicles
Translatome studies: Ribosome profiling (Ribo-Seq)


Technical details of the siFractor


  • Sample holder with high pressure seals allowing fractionation at high flow rates and high viscosity range
  • Sample holders and piercing units available for different tube diameters
  • Extra robust piercing unit and adjustable table engaging the sample tube
  • M6 threads compatible with most FPLC/HPLC systems


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