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Custom RNA Services to Aid You with Your Research

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Achieve Greater Efficiency, Save Time & Resources with Your RNA Research

Achieve greater efficiency, save staff time, and resources by outsourcing your experimental project to siTOOLs Biotech. Equipped with a cell culture laboratory, RNA and protein quantitation instruments, robotics and microscopy equipment, siTOOLs Biotech supports a range of bespoke experimental services with reliability and professionalism.

Get help from our experienced and esteemed PhD scientists and bioinformaticians, who have previously supported research projects from EU-funded collaborations to preclinical service projects with large drug discovery pharmaceutical companies. Research projects are fulfilled in a timely manner with detailed data reporting and clear progress and directives as defined by project milestones.

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Custom RNA Research Services


Custom siPOOL library design

Obtain libraries precisely the way you need
  • Design based on custom target list
  • library formating to customer plate layout
  • free choice of siPOOL concetration, plate type and aliquots

RNAi screening

Assay development and high content screening
  • siPOOL library of choice
  • Assay development & image-based screening
  • data analysis and hit validation

siPOOL validation

RT-PCR based knockdown quantification
  • single siPOOL or combination cell line from siTOOLs collection or customer provided
  • quantification of downstream affected pathway


Custom riboPOOL design

Depletion of any abundant RNA
  • for any sequenced species
  • rRNA, abundant mRNA, small RNAs
  • single species or multiple species

RNA-Seq service

RNA-Seq library preparation, sequencing and bioinformatics analysis
  • sequencing of any RNA sample
  • customized rRNA depletion
  • tailored bioinformatics analysis



Analysis Suite to make sense of RNAi & CRISPR screening data
  • Discover novel drug targets
  • Hit list quality assessment
  • Gene target evaluation


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