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Dr. Derek Welsbie
Assistant Professor of Opthalmology
Glaucoma Center of Excellence
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA

"Our lab uses arrayed, high-throughput functional genomic screening in primary neurons to identify potential neuroprotective drug targets. Having tested over 75,000 siRNA sequences, it is quite apparent that off-target effects dominate siRNA-mediated phenotypes. In contrast, in our hands, siPOOLs have much greater predictive power in that phenotypes we see with these (and we have tested approximately 15) can be reproduced using cells containing conventional knockouts for the same genes. We now routinely use siPOOLs and are moving away from single siRNAs."

Dr. med. Peter Dietrich
Post-doctoral Scientist
Institute of Biochemistry
Prof. Dr. Anja Katrin Bosserhoff Group
FAU, Germany

"In our group, siPOOLs by siTOOLs for specific and sustained gene knockdown are used for several years now. We have tested and worked with approx. 35-40 siPOOLs by now. siPOOLs are easy in handling, and mostly effective in transient specific gene knockdown experiments. We could not detect any side effects, and the available control (control siPOOL) has no side effects on function or gene expression that we can detect as compared to untransfected cells.
As compared to other commercially available single siRNAs, siPOOLs are much more effective, therefore, we can use less amounts of siPOOLs, which is very cost-efficient. Moreover, xenograft tumor models demonstrated that specific gene knockdown is sustained, i.e. gene knockdown is longer as compared to single siRNAs. siPOOLs are easy in handling, we use Lipofectamine 2000 or RNAimax as described by the manufacturer. The client service offered by siTOOLs is excellent. We get advice and even hands-on support immediately whenever necessary."

Ms. Jasmine Barra
PhD Student
Lab for Molecular Cancer Biology
Prof. Dr. Chris Marine Group
VIB Center for the Biology of Disease
KU Leuven, Belgium

"For our research purpose the use of siPOOLs proved to be a key choice. We could overcome the major issues of both cell toxicity and off target effects we observed using GAPMERs.
In our hands the siPOOLs performed always with high reproducibility, allowing us to increase the efficiency of knock down of our target of interest, despite the poor results given by standard siRNA approaches.
Moreover siTOOLs could custom design for us isoform-specific siPOOLs that allowed us to address in a more specific way our biological questions."

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