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The People Behind siTOOLs Biotech

Dr. Michael Hannus

Founder & Managing Director

With over 15 years experience as an RNAi screening Group Leader (previously at Cenix Bioscience) and with research experience from EMBL Heidelberg (PhD), CU Boulder Colorado and renown German universities (Ludwig-Maximillians University &University of Regensburg), Michael applies a keen scientific eye and deep technical expertise towards managing scientific services and R&D projects at siTOOLs. His scientific background coupled with practical market implementation forms the basis of siTOOLs Biotech's reputation as a research-driven company.

Prof. Dr. Gunter Meister


and Head of Department of Biochemistry, University of Regensburg

Gunter is an expert in his field of RNA research. He worked with RNAi pioneer, Dr. Tom Tuschl at Rockefeller University, before starting his own group at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry in 2005 and has authored more than 100 publications and the textbook, "RNA Biology". Gunter serves as siTOOLs Biotech's scientific advisor and uses siTOOLs' products in his research on mammalian small RNA-guided gene silencing pathways.

Dr. Stefan Hannus

Strategic Alliance Manager

and Managing Director of Intana Bioscience

Co-founder of siTOOLs Biotech's sister company, Intana Bioscience, Stefan supports business development and research grant applications at siTOOLs Biotech. Stefan is an expert in fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy which is used for detailed evaluation of molecular interactions. An avid beekeeper, Stefan is the driving force behind Beepax, a research project initiated at siTOOLs that aims to rid bees of harmful Varroan parasites.

Andrew Walsh


Previously from Cenix Bioscience, Andrew is the bioinformatics and programming expert at siTOOLs Biotech. With over 10 years of IT and siRNA design experience, Andrew is responsible for all reagent design pipelines and the functional screening database and analysis suite (Phenovault). He also applies his IT knowledge into establishing siTOOLs' in-house production tracking systems and customer management software, facilitating fast and efficient delivery and customer support.

Anna Liznar, M. Sc. Biochemistry

Sales / Marketing & Bioinformatics

With research experience in the field of small non-coding RNAs, Anna provides technical support to siTOOLs customers. She guides both product development and customer projects with her bioinformatics experience in RNA-Sequencing data analysis. Anna's strategic and creative mindset allows successfully launching new siTOOLs' products and refreshing marketing strategies of existing products. Her solution-driven mentality aligns well with siTOOLs motto "Highly Precise. Rapid, Reliable Results".

siTOOLs Biotech is also supported by a team of excellent,
dedicated scientists and bioinformaticians
that work behind the scenes to bring you our products.

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