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No current openings at siTOOLs Biotech 


We have no current positions available at siTOOLs Biotech but welcome unsolicited applications from skilled scientists and professionals with an interest in joining our team. 

About siTOOLs Biotech
siTOOLs Biotech GmbH is a Munich-Martinsried, research-driven biotech with core expertise in genetics, bioinformatics, and RNA production.

siTOOLs Biotech creates gene function analysis tools with exceptional targeting specificity and efficiency. This is based on a core technology of high complexity pooling of oligonucleotide reagents, designed with proprietary algorithms.

Our advanced genetic tools include:
siPOOLsTM for reliable gene silencing by RNAi. 
raPOOLsTM for targeted enrichment of RNA.
riboPOOLsTM for efficient ribosomal RNA depletion prior to RNA sequencing.

siTOOLs Biotech is rapidly growing in the field of functional genomics, Next-Generation RNA sequencing, and big data analysis. Our customers include scientists from both industry and academia. siTOOLs is active in grant-funded research and siTOOLs‘ products are referenced in a growing number of publications world-wide. 

To send in your application, please send your resume and cover letter to:

info (at)

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