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University of Geneva PhD Student Retreat – Schwarzsee, Switzerland

27 Mar 2019

We are pleased to sponsor and attend the 11th conference of the PhD Program in Life Sciences offered by the University of Geneva. Taking place near the beautiful Schwarzsee in the Friboug canton of Switzerland, this is a gathering of PhD students and Professors from the program as well as external speakers from the academic community and life science industry. Invited outstanding speakers will also give keynote lectures on cutting-edge scientific topics. Come visit us at the siTOOL booth and listen to our talk.


Past Events

15 Nov 2018
siTOOLs/Axonlab Seminar - RNAi and CRISPR in Functional Genomics
Basel, Switzerland

25 Oct 2018
siTOOLs Seminar - Elucidating gene function in desmosomes and beyond
Cologne, Germany

17-19 Oct 2018
Vienna RNA Meeting - Regulatory Circuits in RNA Biology
Vienna, Austria

10-12 Oct 2018
BioJapan 2018
Yokohama, Japan

9-10 Oct 2018
12th ELRIG Drug Discovery Meeting
London, UK

20 Sep 2018
siTOOLs Seminar - Cancer and Inflammation
Erlangen, Germany

17-19 Sep 2018
International Meeting for the German Society of Cell Biology 2018
Leipzig, Germany

24-26 May 2018
14th International Symposium on the Symposium "Tumor Immunology meets Oncology XIV"
Halle, Germany

23-24 May 2018
Get-Together Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry
Munich, Germany

14-18 Apr 2018
AACR 2018
Chicago, USA

10-13 Apr 2018
Analytica 2018
Munich, Germany

22-23 Mar 2018
Interact - A conference by PhD Students in Munich
Munich, Germany

8 Mar 2018
RNAi and CRISPR in Functional Genomics - siTOOLs/AxonLab Seminar

16 Jan 2018
Solving Gene Function - siTOOLs/BioLab Lunch Seminar

28 Nov 2017
University of Luxembourg Seminar

12-13 Oct 2017
Swiss Image-based Screening Conference 2017 (SIBS2017)
Zürich, Switzerland

6-7 Oct 2017
Annual Meeting of the AGD (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Gen-Diagnostik)
Potsdam, Germany

19-20 Sep 2017
SLAS High Content Screening Conference 2017
Madrid, Spain

25-26 Apr 2017
High Content and Phenotypic Screening 2017 (SelectBio)
Cambridge, UK

1-2 Mar 2017
Spring Meeting of the German Society for Cell Biology (DGZ)
Leipzig, Germany

24 Jan 2017
BioSysNet Lunchtime Seminar - Focus on Specificity: Genetic Manipulations with RNAi and CRISPR
Munich, Germany

16 Nov 2016
World Preclinical Congres
Lisbon, Portugal

27-29 June 2016
SLAS High Content Screening Conference
Dresden, Germany

10-11 May 2016
SelectBio High Content and Phenotypic Screening Conference
Cambridge, UK

14-16 March 2016
DGZ International Meeting for the German Society for Cell Biology
Martinsried, Germany

8-11 February 2016
Systems Biology of Non-coding RNAs
Rehovot, Israel

7-11 February 2015
SLAS 4th Annual Conference and Exhibition, siTOOLs Biotech as InnovationAveNEW Exhibitor
Washington D.C., USA

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