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June 2024

Newest ribosome profiling riboPOOLs

Our Ribo-Seq riboPOOLs are specifically designed to deplete rRNAs from Ribo-Seq samples and significanlty increase RPFs reads mapping rates. Check out our Ribo-Seq riboPOOLs portolio or request a custom design for your species of interest. 

May 2024

Achieve consistent and optimal gene silencing in RNAi experiments

Read our German BIOspektrum article on how using complex pools of siRNAs (siPOOLs) can improve interpretability and efficiency.

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Latest RNA research conferences!

Catch up on our latest activities:

Dr. Nicola Conci gave a short talk on rRNA Contamination in Ribosome Profiling Experiments at the RiboRed meeting in Bilbao.

Next stop: The 29th Annual Meeting of the RNA Society in Edinburgh, Scotland

April 2024

New packaging, same reliable ribodepletion results!

The tuna swarm represents the riboPOOLs' high complexity pooling approach. This distinctive feature ensures optimal and comprehensive rRNA coverage, enabling efficient and cost-effective removal of rRNA.

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March 2024

New siTOOLs Biotech team members

We welcome Dr. Vera Katalina (Senior Scientist) and Luca Cimino (Associate Scientist) to the siTOOLs team!

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February 2024

Enhance Your Ribo-Seq Results!

Introducing our newest riboPOOLs: the Human tRNA and Mouse tRNA riboPOOLs. Transfer RNAs (tRNAs) can also constitute a significant fraction of Ribo-Seq samples, and are often the most abundant RNAs after ribodepletion. Combine our Ribo-Seq riboPOOLs and tRNA riboPOOLs to deplete rRNAs from Ribo-Seq samples while simultaneously depleting tRNAs. The result? A significant boost in mRNA reads, unlocking richer insights from your samples!

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January 2024

Welcome 2024 with a new offer: single siPOOLs available in 2 nmol at just 295€! 

siPOOLs (siRNA pools) are high complexity pools of 30 optimally selected siRNAs designed to specifically knock-down the target gene of your choice. 

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