Unchain the power of RNAi screening with siPOOLs

Low specificity and unreliable target silencing made RNAi screening a laborious and frustrating task. 
Complex siRNA pools were developed to restore RNAi screening as efficient tool for target discovery and functional genomics.

Key advantages of siPOOL for RNAi screening:

  • Low false positive rate: Cooperative silencing of 30 siRNAs for reliable target  KD.
  • Low false negative rate: off-target dilution by complex siRNA for highest specificity
  • Efficient screening : Screen one, reliable pool per target gene
  • Latest Genome annotation: target all transcripts of current NCBI release
  • Free layout: Choose your format, controls and plates.

Pre-defined libraries

  • Kinases - 505 siPOOLs

  • E3 Ligases - 647 siPOOLs

  • GPCRs - 393 siPOOLs

  • RBPs - 1278 siPOOLs

Library Options

  • Scale : 0.1nmol, 0.25nmol, 0.5 nmol, 1nmol

  • Plate format: 96 well, 384 well

  • Plate layout: Standard or custom

  • Control: Pick and place your control siPOOLs

Ordering siPOOL libraries:

  1. Download library plate template
  2. Select library, scale, and plate format
  3. Optional: define custom layout and control positions
  4. Submit to info@sitools.de for quote