Complex siRNA Pools

The shortcut to Knock-Down Specificity and Robustness

The central problem: Single siRNAs are unpredictable

  • Low specificity by numerous, unpredictable off-target genes
  • Variable target gene silencing by unpredictable siRNA activity

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The straight solution: Use Complex Pools of siRNAs ( 4 siRNAs are not enough)

  • Off-target dilution by the low concentration of each siRNA
  • Robust, maximum silencing by cooperative activity of MANY siRNAs.

Read more in RNA Introduction

The siPOOL Concept

Using single siRNAs or low complexity pools ( e.g. 4 siRNAs) can lead to multiple, unpredictable off-target genes being down-regulated, resulting in unspecific phenotypes. 
While the use of complex siRNA pools (siPOOL = 30 siRNAs) allows for each siRNAs being present at low concentrations. Effectively diluting off-target effects, resulting in specific phenotypes.

Working concentration

In nanomolar range for siRNA

Low specificity | Unreliable results

In picomolar range for each siRNA

High specificity | Enhanced reliability

Bring in cooperative targeting for maximum knockdown