Robust & Targeted RNA Capture with raPOOLs

The discovery that 98% of the human genome is non-(protein) coding has fueled extensive interest in the functions of non-coding RNA (ncRNA). Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs), have been implicated in various physiological processes and disease pathogenesis. As lncRNAs interact with protein, DNA and RNA to exert their effects, biochemical interaction studies to resolve their binding partners can provide valuable insight into their function.

raPOOLs (RNA capture probes) consist of 30 optimally-designed 3'-biotinylated DNA probes that enable specific and efficient isolation of target RNA bound to nucleic acids or proteins. Used with streptavidin-coated magnetic beads, raPOOLs have shown robust RNA enrichment and were published to successfully isolate known and novel lncRNA-interacting proteins (Nötzold et al. 2017).

Benefits of using raPOOLs

  • Reproducible and consistent level of RNA enrichment
  • Affordable solution for customized biotinylated probes
  • Highly efficient and specific
  • Time saving, detailed design


Large scale isolation of RNAs from cell lysates:

  • long non-coding RNAs
  • premature / messenger RNAs



Co-isolation of interactome to study:

  • Associated proteins/ nucleic acids