Pan-Bacteria riboPOOL

Product Description

The Pan-Bacteria riboPOOL is designed to efficiently deplete ribosomal RNA (rRNA) from bacteria RNA samples. The product is compatible with most downstream applications, including different next generation sequencing workflows (both short and long-read sequencing).

The Pan-Bacteria riboPOOL is optimized for high-quality and intact (RIN > 7) RNA samples.


The Pan-Bacteria riboPOOL covers the following sequences:

Sequence Type Covered
23S rRNA Cytosolic Yes
16S  rRNA Cytosolic Yes
5S  rRNA Cytosolic Yes


Several bacteria are considered model organisms in scientific research due to their unique characteristics, genetic tractability, and relevance to various fields of study. For example: Escherichia coli, Bacillus subtilis, and Mycobacterium tuberculosis.



  • Enzyme-free, fast & easy workflow
  • Compatible with most downstream applications
  • Wide range of input RNA amounts
  • Possibility of combining with other riboPOOLs
  • Compatible with lab automated workflows

Pan-Bacteria riboPOOL Performance

The Pan-Bacteria riboPOOL efficiently depleted > 90% of rRNA across Bacteria. 

Figure 1 Remaining rRNA expression of different bacteria species after ribodepletion with Pan-Bacteria riboPOOL. Expression values shown are normalized against a non-depleted total RNA sample.

Pan-Bacteria Taxonomic Coverage

The Pan-Bacteria riboPOOL is designed for efficient ribodepletion across Bacteria. Pan-Bacteria riboPOOL probes have been mapped against rRNA sequences of more than 12500 Bacteria species to ensure uniform coverage across the taxon.

Would you like to know how well the Pan-Bacteria riboPOOL covers your Bacteria species of interest? Contact us for a free bioinformatic coverage assessment. Click here for more information on how our Pan-riboPOOLs are designed.

Available Formats

riboPOOLs kits with cleanUP module

riboPOOL Probes Only