Ribosomal RNA depletion with riboPOOLs

riboPOOLs consist of complex pools of biotinylated DNA probes, specifically designed to hybridize and remove ribosomal RNAs (rRNA) from RNA samples. The riboPOOL rRNA depletion allows for an unbiased view of the species transcriptome and enables analysis of non-coding and non-polyadenylated RNAs
Depletion of rRNAs with riboPOOLs can be easily incorporated into established laboratory protocols, and is compatible with many downstream applications, including short and long-read RNA sequencing and ribosome profiling (Ribo-Seq).

  • rRNA depletion for any species
  • also available for highly degraded samples (FFPE)
  • Wide RNA input range (10 ng - 3 µg)
  • Optimized design of probe sequences for maximum target coverage and reliable rRNA removal


The riboPOOL rRNA depletion workflow includes three steps:

Step 1

The riboPOOL biotinylated probes hybdrize to target rRNAs.

Step 2

Target rRNAs are pulled-down via streptavidin-coated magnetic beads.

Step 3

Purification of rRNA-depleted samples.

Available formats

riboPOOL kits

riboPOOL kits provides an all-in-one solution and include all necessary reagents for the depletion of rRNAs. For post-depletion purification, riboPOOL kits offer the possibility to perform either ethanol precipitation or use magnetic beads.

Kits are available in the following sizes: 12, 24 and 96 reactions
A 6-reactions trial kit is also available for first-time users, interested in trying riboPOOLs.

riboPOOL probes

riboPOOLs can be purchased as stand-alone products and are shipped lyophilized with a tube of nuclease-free water for safe resuspension.

Recipes for the hybridization and depletion buffers are available in the Resources section.

riboPOOL probes are available in the following sizes: 12, 24 and 96 reactions.