Operating the siFractor

The siFractor should be attached to a host system (FPLC/HPLC machine), which allows you to fractionate the sample from the centrifugation tube and monitor different parameters such as UV absorption and conductivity. Once attached to the host system, the operation process is straightforward:

  1. Insert the centrifugation tube with your sample in the siFractor sample holder.
  2. Raise the needle to the centrifugation tube to pierce it.
  3. Deliver the dense chase solution which will displace your sample and push it through the FPLC machine for analysis and fractionation.

Watch the How it works video below for more detailed information:

Technical details of the siFractor


  • Sample holder with high pressure seals allows fractionation at high flow rates and high viscosity range
  • Sample holders and piercing units available for different tube diameters (11 mm, 13 mm, 14 mm and 25 mm)
  • Extra robust piercing unit and adjustable table engaging the sample tube
  • M6 threads compatible with most FPLC/HPLC systems