Exceptional gene silencing with complex siRNA pools

Complex siRNA pools: unmatched in power and specificity

siPOOLs are complex pools of siRNAs, selected by a proprietary algorithm developed at siTOOLs Biotech.
The cooperative silencing activity of 30 or more siRNAs guarantees maximum target gene knock down.
Conversely, each of the 30 siRNAs is present at very low concentration, efficiently reducing siRNA specific off-target effects to a minimum.

Benefits of using siPOOLs

  • Pool of 30 selected siRNAs
  • Maximum target knock down by cooperative siRNA activity
  • Maximum specificity by low concentration of each siRNA
  • Designed to current genome annotation
  • Optimal transcript coverage
  • Excellent technical support

Customer testimonials

"Our lab uses arrayed, high-throughput functional genomic screening in primary neurons to identify potential neuroprotective drug targets. Having tested over 75,000 siRNA sequences, it is quite apparent that off-target effects dominate siRNA-mediated phenotypes. In contrast, in our hands, siPOOLs have much greater predictive power in that phenotypes we see with these (and we have tested approximately 15) can be reproduced using cells containing conventional knockouts for the same genes. We now routinely use siPOOLs and are moving away from single siRNAs."

Dr. Derek Welsbie (Assistant Professor, University of California San Diego, USA)

"In our group, siPOOLs by siTOOLs for specific and sustained gene knockdown are used for several years now. We have tested and worked with approx. 35-40 siPOOLs by now. siPOOLs are easy in handling, and mostly effective in transient specific gene knockdown experiments. We could not detect any side effects, and the available control (control siPOOL) has no side effects on function or gene expression that we can detect as compared to untransfected cells. As compared to other commercially available single siRNAs, siPOOLs are much more effective, therefore, we can use less amounts of siPOOLs, which is very cost-efficient.

Dr. med. Peter Dietrich (Post-doctoral Scientist, Institute of Biochemistry Prof. Dr. Anja Katrin Bosserhoff Group FAU, Germany)

"The innovative solution of siPOOLs with 30 single siRNAs per pool is our first choice for conducting gene candidate approaches where gene loss-of-function has to be studied for dozens of genes. This approach is highly cost-effective and labor-saving when compared to gene silencing with single siRNAs or small pools of randomly selected siRNAs."

Dr. Peter-Christian Klöhn (Principal Investigator, MRC Prion Unit at UCL, Institute of Prion Diseases, London, UK)

Publications using siPOOLs

Prion protein conversion at two distinct cellular sites precedes fibrillisation. Ribes et al. (2023)Nature Communications 

The function of ER-phagy receptors is regulated through phosphorylation-dependent ubiquitination pathways. Berkane et al. (2023)Nature Communications

Optogenetic actuator – ERK biosensor circuits identify MAPK network nodes that shape ERK dynamics. Dessauges et al. (2023)Molecular Systems Biology

Genome-wide RNAi screen identifies novel players in human 60S subunit biogenesis including key enzymes of polyamine metabolism. Kerstin Dörner et al. (2022)Nucleic Acids Research

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