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Akin to high-performing pack hunters like grey wolves, our technology uses the power of numbers and intelligent design to overcome challenging targets. Composed of highly complex mixtures of optimally designed siRNAs or biotinylated probes, our tools show markedly reduced off-target effects and perform with high reproducibility and efficiency, achieving reliable results.

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Exceptional Gene Silencing
Specificity for Reliable Phenotypes

RNAi · siRNA · Target Validation/Discovery


Efficient, Affordable Ribosomal RNA
Depletion for Any Species

rRNA Depletion · RNA-Seq


Targeted Robust RNA Capture for
Biochemical Analysis

RNA Affinity Purification · IncRNA function

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Assay Development and
Research Services

Gene Expression · rtqPCR · Immunoblotting · RNAi Screening

Our Expertise - Your Advantage

RNA Interference Expertise

Leverage more than 15 years of RNAi research experience to guide your gene function experiments to success.

Quality RNA Synthesis

Our genetic tools undergo highest purification (PAGE/HPLC) and quality control standards, avoiding side effects.

Data-Driven Bioinformatics

Harnessing big data and comprehensive analysis algorithms, get novel insights into your reagents, gene function & screening data.

Detailed Oligo Design

Using latest RefSeq annotations, our oligo design algorithms maximise hybridization efficiency, while ensuring specificity.

Pack Hunter Approach

Our genetic tools use high complexity oligo pooling which was demonstrated to reduce off-targets and increase efficiency.

Reliable Technical Service

Outsource your experiments to our experienced team of PhD scientists and get results you can trust within defined timelines.

Made By Scientists, For Scientists

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siTOOLs Biotech launches ribosome profiling riboPOOLs. 

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