Custom riboPOOL rRNA Depletion Kit

Custom rRNA Depletion Kit 

Custom riboPOOLs Service

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Design a Custom rRNA Depletion Kit for Your Specific Species

Can’t find your species in our standard riboPOOLs list? No problem.
We design custom species ribosomal RNA depletion kits (custom riboPOOLs) for any species – your specific species!

Here's how it works in a nutshell:

Custom riboPOOLs Steps

Download our Custom riboPOOLs brochure (PDF)


Achieve High Depletion Rates for Your RNA-Seq and Ribosome Profiling Experiments

Our custom, any species rRNA depletion service is based on riboPOOLs' proven high complexity pooling approach Pack Hunter Approach to improve specificity and reliability of ribosomal RNA depletion.

riboPOOLs show high rRNA depletion efficacy across species, reaching up to 99%.

For strongly degraded RNA samples we offer optimized riboPOOLs to achieve even & efficient rRNA removal of up to 95%. To meet the special requirements of ribosome profiling (Ribo-Seq) we develop dedicated Ribo-Seq riboPOOLs for a growing number of species.

On top of excellent efficiency, in-house and customer data suggest excellent reproducibility between biological replicates.

Custom riboPOOLs are efficient and reproducibleEfficient and Reproducible
Custom riboPOOLs work for any speciesCustom rRNA Depletion Solution for Any Species
Custom riboPOOLs offer Easy and Fast rRNA Depletion WorkflowEasy and Fast rRNA Depletion Workflow
Custom riboPOOLs


How to Order Your Custom riboPOOLs

Custom riboPOOLs for RNA-Seq


  1. Let us know about your species of interest by email or through the form below
    • Are your rRNA sequences available on NCBI?
      • If Yes, we confirm the rRNA sequences with you via email
      • If No, send us your rRNA sequences.
        • We can provide our Excel template so you can quickly add and send your sequences.
  2. Send us your ribosomal RNA sequences
  3. Place your order and choose how many reactions you need
  4. We design the custom riboPOOLs for your species
  5. Receive your custom riboPOOLs rRNA Depletion Kit 3-4 weeks later

Custom riboPOOLs for Ribosome Profiling and FFPE/degraded RNA

  1. Contact us and send us your ribosomal RNA sequences
    • We can provide our Excel template so you can quickly add and send your sequences
  2. We design the full coverage probes for the cytoplasmatic ribosomal RNA
  3. Receive a 12 reactions preliminary kit
    • Are you satisfied with the results?
      • If Yes, you can place an order with us for more reaction kits
      • If No, let us optimize your depletion.
        • Send your rRNA contaminants data to us, and we optimize and adjust the oligo pool composition.
  4. Once done, you can order your final, customised riboPOOLs rRNA Depletion Kit for your specific species


Choose from Available Formats

blue line

1. riboPOOL Kits

6 rxn Trial 12 rxn 24 rxn 96 rxn

** Our riboPOOL kits include buffers, streptavidin-magnetic beads, reaction tubes, ethanol precipitation reagents and RNA clean-up beads

2. Probes alone with nuclease-free water

12 rxn 24 rxn 96 rxn

Got Questions? Ask us about Custom riboPOOLs

Please use the form below to request for a quote or ask for more information about Custom riboPOOLs.

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